Enhance the value of your horse

Valorization of sport horses

Ecurie Florian Angot
Florian Angot, with the help of his team, trains horses (young horses and experienced horses) to bring them to the highest level of competition for amateur and professional riders of national and international level.
Valoriser votre cheval - le bien-être

The welfare of your horse

Professional facilities (quality floor, floor concept), traditional feed distributed three times a day (barley, oats, mineral and vitamin supplements), hay distributed in the morning and evening, as well as the care given to your horse (daily grooming, foot care and clipping)

The training of your horse

The horses work every day: session on the flat (stretching, technique and muscular reinforcement), session of obstacles (gymnastics, mechanization, sequences type competition), trotting, work with the longe, walker and/or conveyor belt

Valoriser votre cheval - l'entraînement
Valoriser votre cheval - les compétitions - Florian Angot

The competitions

The objective is to prepare and develop the horses to bring them to the highest level of competition.

The young horses follow the classic cycle circuit: qualifications at the Fontainebleau week or the world championships in Lannaken illustrate the performances.

Horses over 7 years old follow the national and international circuit under the saddle of Florian Angot, his rider and also in amateur for the young Espoir Normandie, Clémence Angot.

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